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This month I spent my 30 minutes in the butterfly exhibit at the American Museum of Natural History.  It truly is a magical thing when butterflies of all colors flutter all around you, some landing on your hand, your head, or even on your iPhone!  I don’t think I stopped smiling the entire time I was i there!

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This month has been so crazy here in New York.  We’ve had the strangest highs and lows in weather, including a snowstorm right in the middle of the month!  I chose to do my 30 minutes downtown on a freakishly warm day (67 degrees F!) wandering downtown with a friend visiting from Calgary, snapping photos with my Fuji x100t.  People were shedding their coats and eating al fresco.  Anyone who had a convertible was cruising around with their tops down.  The city was alive and it almost felt like a late spring day.  It was like a gentle reminder that winter will be over soon and nice warm days are right around the corner!

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The last few months of 2016 were so hectic for me.  I felt like I was constantly trying to do everything all at once and it made me crave starting a new year fresh.  But of course my “to do list” followed me into 2017, along with work travel and commitments with friends, photo sessions of babies and a wonderful long weekend with my sister visiting from out of town.  I heard that tiny voice within me screaming for me to slow down and take one thing at a time, enjoying each moment as it comes, not worrying about the next thing on my appointment calendar or to do list.  So for this month, I knew that spending a half an hour with my least-used lens (the 105 Nikon macro) and a beautiful orchid would do my mind and soul some good.  Here are the results:


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Heather and Dion have been planning their wedding for a couple of years now, and I can absolutely say it was worth the wait!  Their destination wedding in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico started out in absolute style, inviting their family and friends to drink and dine with them aboard a gorgeous private yacht, sailing around where the Sea of  Cortez meets the Pacific Ocean.

Everyone had an amazing time taking in the views and telling wonderful stories about Heather and Dion!  It was beautiful to see the two families and all their friends get along so well together.  A perfect prelude to the INCREDIBLE wedding they put on the following day!  Stay tuned for photos from the Coopers’ big day 😉


This month has been super busy with photo sessions all over Manhattan, and some in New Jersey as well!  One evening I met up with friends in Jersey City after shooting all day.  I haven’t been to J.C. in quite a while, and was pleasantly surprised to find all this amazing mural work around the main center!  I took these photos with my iPhone on my way to the Path train to head back to Manhattan, so I included a glimpse of that trip as well.




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