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30 minutes in june: cinque terre

It’s officially summer and I have kicked it off by sailing in the Mediterranean.  Not bad, eh?  😉  For thisView full post »

“sparkle like a star”

I met Alli at a friend’s wedding several years ago, and her big smile and enthusiasm for life were instantlyView full post »

“beach baby, beach baby, give me your hand”

One of my clients from NYC asked me to take some photos of his daughters with their cousins while they were on vacationView full post »

“good day sunshine”

I love Florida. I love sunshine. I love my family. All three of these elements came together a few weeks ago during aView full post »

“down by the sea shore”

I can’t believe this is my 100th blog post!  And I’ve got a gorgeous session with a BIG SURPRISE to shareView full post »

“a dream it’s true but i’d see it through”

After spending a long weekend in Eugene, I traveled up the coast to a teeny-tiny little beach town called Manzanita.View full post »

“down by the sea, where the watermelons grow”

After my mini-vaca to Sanibel Island, I drove up to St. Pete Beach where some of my favorite cousins were staying for aView full post »

“that’s where you wanna go to get away from it all “

Every once in a while, I like to take a little time-out from life, and go sit on a beach somewhere by myself, rent aView full post »

“ain’t it good to know you’ve got a friend”

Growing up in Tampa, Dana and I were as close as two friends could be.  Literally.  We lived next door to each other 🙂View full post »

“On the beach you’ll find them there, In the sun and salty air.”

My cousins Kerrie and Kaitlin are just the funnest, craziest, and sweetest girls ever.  I’m so happy that theyView full post »